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    • to prepare the yearly tax declaration
    • to accept any and all notices, correspondence, telegrams, fax messages, telephonic advice or other communications to the Company
    • to organize the annual shareholders' meetings
    • to take care of the publications required by the law and dispatching of the notices to that effect
    • to provide administrative and accounting services relating to the preservation and keeping of the books, the preparation of annual accounts or other periodic reports, which have to be delivered to the Company’s shareholders or to administrative or governmental authorities
    • to prepare the minutes of the meetings of the shareholders and the attendance lists as well as the minutes of the meetings of the board
    • to register, deposit and publish by way of excerpt the resolutions of the shareholders and of the board as may be required from time to time by Luxembourg law
    • to register and deposit the approved annual accounts and to monitor the tax filings being done in due course
    • to perform such other actions and services as may be requested from time to time
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Global Trust Advisors S.A.

GTA is a high-end independent advisory firm, specialized in finance and corporate services, offering a comprehensive and integrated range of financial advisory services.
34 Avenue Marie-Thérése, L-2132 Luxembourg, LU
Phone: +352 2621 24 1 Fax: +352 2621 24 70 E-mail: E-mail:
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